Reading Directory

Why Mp3tag needs read one by one every tsong whe I open the program ???
How can I skip this???
I use Virtualdj Ver. 7.0.2.Pro and it does NOT do that, I type any song and it shows up...
Can we add the same "feature" o whatever Virtualdj uses to keep 1 terabyte hhd (external) in it memory???? :rolleyes:
Thank you for your help....

The virtual dj relies on databases that other programs have created.
Using a database always means that there is a lag between updating the tag information in the files and updating the information in the database.
I think that MP3tag usually gets used for absolutely new files that are not currently in a (local) database and should get adapted to a new standard.
So, I do not think that you would really gain something in speed if MP3tag also maintained a database: before you could adapt the tags you would have to read in all the files with bad tagging, update it and then update the databases again to cater for the changes.
If you, on the other hand, add only the new files to a database, it is just as easy to open only these files in MP3tag first and tag them. Which is just the functionality you have at the moment.
If you have a look at the forum there are numerous complaints that updating tags does not show in iTunes or WMP.
Or was your original intention to tell us about your external hard disk drive?

Thanks for your answer... I DID NOT GET your questions... :unsure:
"Or was your original intention to tell us about your external hard disk drive?"
Have a nice day... :rolleyes: