Reading ID3V2 encoding

Is there a way to read the encoding of files such as UTF-8 or UTF-16. I know I can specify which to write, but I can't see a way to determine which a file currently has.

Do you have the TAG field enabled in "customize columns ..."? It will tell you which types are in the file.

ID3v2.3 = UTF-16 (default for writing)*
ID3v2.4 = UTF-8

*There is an option to write v2.3 in ISO-8859-1, but there is no distinction in the TAG field.

You can insert a column in Mp3tag listview ...

Name : Char Enc Value: $ifgreater($strstr('|FLAC|MP4|WMA|','|'%_tag_read%'|'),0,'UTF-8',%_id3v2_character_encoding%)

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That worked, thanks!

Thanks! I didn't create a separate column though. I just added %_id3v2_character_encoding% to the TAG field so they would sort together.

Out of curiosity, I popped an old MP3 CD with files dated 2002-03 into the drive. They all had v1 and v2.3 tags all of which were encoded ISO-8859-1. When did UTF-16 become the standard?