Reading mp3 metadata

HI, I am trying to edit Mp3's in Sound Forge 8 but some (not all) replace the Metadata with ÿþA or ÿþT or similar. Can Mp3tag be used to alter these file to be read correctly?

How do these files look like in MP3tag?
If they look the same, then I doubt that a lot can be done as some other tagger along the line wrote tags with the wrong encoding.
If you get the right display in MP3tag then you could experiment with the settings in
File>Options>Tags>Mpeg and see whether UTF-16 or ISO-8859-1 is the best for your player.

Mp3 tag, Sony L3, Explorer & Audio Studio(trial) all read correctly its only Sound Forge 8 that is a problem, would move to Audio Studio but it does not have the batch capabilities of SF8. Have renamed file in MP3 tag but SF8 still reads it incorrectly and when it is saved the Title & artist have been replaced by ÿþA or ÿþT or similar.

What did the experiments with the character encoding settings bring?
And honestly, if the player acts up, then I would kick the player. There are so many of them around that display umlauts properly.