Really embed artworks in mp3s


I was a fan of folder hierarchy to organize my songs but creating lot of folders was causing low system performances so I switched to tags. One huge folder with more than 600 songs.
How can I embed cover arts in each song in spite of creating more than 600 files called "folder.jpg"? I saw this function in MediaMonkey and I was amazed. Can I reproduce it with Mp3tag (imo the definitive & ultimate tag organizer)?

Thanks in advance (please answer!),


EilĂ , is there anybody that can answer me, please?


Yo men, I solved the problem!
When I added the covers I did everything correctly, my players (WMP11 & Winamp) are faulty 'cause they can't show (probably) embedded pictures. With iTunes everything worked like a charm.


For maximum compatability make sure that in "Options > Tags > Mpeg" you have selected
IDv2.3 utf-16 or iso-8859-1
and not
id3v2.4 utf-8
Winamp cover plugins probably can't read that and WMP can't for sure.


Yeah, now it works!!!
But I've already written 15 id3v2.4 tags by hand, is there a script that converts from 2.4 to 2.3 (I'm using ISO-8859-1)? And is better ISO-8859-1 or UTF-16?

Thanks for the answer,


You simply have to resave by clicking on :mt_save: after changing the settings. If you need support for foreign charachters (Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.) you have to use Unicode. For Latin characters (French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, etc.) you can use ISO-8859-1.


Thank you all for your kind answers.