RealPlayer tag info issue

Hi all
I use an old version of RealPlayer (v11) which supports editing ID3 tag info. In realplayer there is a field called 'keywords' which i use to record the playlist to which a song is allocated. If i could read that field in MP3Tag then i would have solved the challenge of playlist management from MP3Tag. I have tried looking through the large list of extended fields available in MP3Tag but cannot find any that will load the 'keywords' data from realplayer.
Would it be possible to add that field to the extended fields list please? I can supply an MP3 with the field populated so you can experiment. TIA

You would have to look in the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T). This dialogue shows all the fields that are stored in a file.
It could well be that your player saves the data in its own database and not in the tags.

OK, so if there are no other fields in the ID3 tag, then they must be realplayer specific and not part of the ID3 tag. I will have to find another workaround. thx

There is a slight difference:
RealPlayer could add user-defined fields which you would see in the extended tags dialogue if they were saved in the tag.
But if you do not see these keywords in the tag, then most likely RealPlayer maintains its own data storage for these.