Rearrange parts of a title tag

Hello there,
I've been using mp3tag for years and found it extremely useful for editing id3 tags to my liking and giving my filenames a uniform format, and here is a question I'm not sure has been asked before:
I have an album where the TITLE field of every track is listed as "Part [number] - Blah", and I would like to change them so that they are listed as "Blah (Part [number])". I could do this manually, but there are over 40 tracks on this album and I'd like to save some tedium. I'm guessing this would involve use of the "guess value" feature, but I'm not sure how to write the function so it does what I want it to. Further complicating this is that the part numbers don't go straight from 1 through whatever, but skip numbers irregularly.
Any advice on how to do this is appreciated!

try an action of the type "Replace with regular expression
Search string: (.*) - (.*)
Replace with: $2 ($1)

That worked exactly like I was hoping for, thank you!

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