Recent price increase

Hello, when I looked at this app on the Australian Mac App Store a few weeks ago, it was $29.99. After playing with the trial, I just went to buy it and the price is now $39.99. This is obviously a very steep increase. Is there any way to get the old price again? Is there an active coupon or anything like that? Does Mp3tag participate in Black Friday sales? I don't mind waiting until then. Thanks.

P.S. I know developers need to make a living and I have no problem paying for software. I loved the app, but I would just prefer the old price. Cheers.

Unfortunately not. I’ve adjusted the price a few days ago after having the same AUD price (which was always a little below) since the initial release.

Haven’t participated in any sale yet, so don’t want to make any promises.

OK then. Thanks for the reply.