Recently year shows in year//year fromat in Tag-Panel? Why?


The years saved in the tags used to show as e.g. "1994" in the year column of the filelist, as well as in the tag-panel for the selected file.
Lately my Mp3Tag shows it as e.g. "1994//1994" in the tag-panel, but in the filelist it's still "1994"..

I updated Mp3Tag some days ago and i'm not sure whether it was like that before..
Is it a bug or some kind of feature? I have no idea what the sense of the double year should be.. Different Id-tag Versions?

Also, my MediaMonkey finds hundreds of "unsynchronized Tags" which is also new.. In 99% it's the year which it says is not synchronized.
I fear it has something todo with this Mp3Tag year problem.

Any ideas?

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That's because Mediamonkey writes two year frames to the file.,9


Thank you very much! That was the perfect solution!


Is there a way for mp3tag to automatically overwrite this into a normal 4 digit year? I tried using the following, but it didn't work:


This trick should work:

Action #1:
Action type: Format value
Field: YEAR
Formatstring: x%year%

Action #2:
Action type: Replace
Field: YEAR
Original: x
Replace with:

[ ] only as whole word

[ ] case-sensitive comparison


Thanks dano, but that didn't work. After doing some studying it appears the problem is the DATE tag. I set up an action to remove that and it solves it.