Recognising MP3 files

I have just upgraded to version 2.45 of mp3tag and, a month or so ago, to Windows 7. When I change directory in mp3tag to one where I know there are MP3 files, mp3tag maintains that there are "No items that match your search". What am I doing wrong?

check whether at the bottom left of the MP3tag window anything is entered for a filter - the filter is remembered between two sessions, you have to delete it explicitly.

Bottom left of mp3tag screen says "Field: < no filter > Filter: [blank]"

I guess you mean that there are no files at "File > Change directory"
This dialog does not show files, you must only select a folder and then just press "Select Folder"

Thank you - it was my mistake entirely! I hadn't used mp3tag for a while, and hwere I thought there were mp3 files, they were ".wav". Also, I had not selected folder to check another folder but expected them to appear during the dialogue. Thank you for your help, and at least I have learnt about filters too! :rolleyes: