Record label Tagging for Traktor


Hope someone can help with this.

I use Traktor and would like the record label tags to populate in Traktors software

The label category doesnt work, so i added publisher field, this still doesnt work, not sure i have set it up correctly, any advice?

I use wav format, not mp3s if thats the issue?

Many thanks in advance

You could try to add the data in Traktor and make Traktor write it to the tags.
Then see in MP3tag which field got filled.

Thanks for the reply

Tried this . No joy

If you have trouble with wav files - what about flac?

FLAC is not an option, i have over 35k tracks, all wav

There must be something i can do to make MP3tag pull the record label to traktors label field surely??

If you do not know which field traktor likes to have and the standard fields don't work ... then we are at wit's end.
Why doesn't it work to enter the data in Traktor and then check in MP3tag where the data went?