recording multiple actions ?

Hi and let me suck-up a little and say that mp3tag rocks

I decided to start cleaning my library which so far has all been done manually. Over the years, bout' since 1990, I've accumulated a huge amount of cd's. I decided to back them all up and now that it's done, I wanna fill in the metadata. I have a lot of it done but one thing is a fact, is they are all in separate folders i.e. Artist\YEAR Album\songs . . .

all are sorted like that and all the songs are labeled as follows . . .(01 title.mp3)

but in the metadata, some of the titles are there but some are missing (I've used a bunch of rippers and due to my unfamiliarness to the process, I forgot some important stuff which I now want to fix . . .

so I've gone through my entire library and filled everything including album art, each folder also has the familiar folder.jpg at 500x500 for windows to put the right image icon.

So here goes, what I need done is to fill in the missing titles and the best way is using the filename - tag option I believe . . .

So I've searched and read for the last few hours and come up with this, which works (Thanks goes here for the many posts I have read and got different information from)
I really know nothing of Scripting, Syntax and Expressions

so this is what I have:

filename - tag
Actions (Quick)
replace with regular expression (enter)
in field, type [title]
in regular expression, type [^.{3}]
in replace matches with: leave blank (enter)

as all my filenames are /per track on each cd in separate folders, all are labeled ## Title

so the above works great.

My main question is this:
Can there be a single button pushed to do all I have above ? (like in excel) ?

That would be greatly appreciated, it's very time consuming as it is.

You should not use Actions (Quick) but Actions.
Actions (Quick) is for actions that you think you probably need only once and it is not important to keep them.

You also could use the Converter menue and there "Filename - Tag" with the benefit to see an immediate result of your expressions. This is very useful for beginners. Most of these trained expressions you can later define in actions for permanent use.

I suggest:
With the Converter Filename-Tag:
Format-String: %track% %title%

Same with actions:
Type: Guess values
Source: %_filename%
Guessing Pattern: %track% %title%

If you don't want to fill the Track-tag from the Filename you can define %dummy% instead of %track% in both suggestions.

If you have mostly complete albums you should give some of the websources a thought.

Thanks Poster for the quick reply

I want to get rid of the track number in the title column after I import the song title from the file name which all start with double digits and a space, as to why I had selected ;

file name --> title

05 You Drive Me Nervous.mp3 --> You Drive Me Nervous

I hope you understand, I'm quite a noob at this and I'm not sure I'm expressing myself right

so the songs are all in the separate folders chronologically in the performing artist folder and each song is labeled track number and title i.e.

05 You Drive Me Nervous.mp3

so I know there is always 3 characters to remove for every song, universally throughout my library. why I had selected the: ^.{3} script

Thank you

much appreciated

Thats what the 2 suggestions do.
You only have to mark all files in the column-view and perform the convert or the action as I described.

You should always test on copies of your files to avoid unwanted results on the originals.


Worked Great, Thanks Poster for the help, will save me quite some time :smiley: