Recovering saved files

Hi All, I am new to all of this, so please be patient with me. I exported some songs to Mp3tag.csv, then I started to edit the file. I then had to leave so I clicked on the save button, now I can't find the file. Please help.
Many Thanks

Try the folder from which you last loaded audio files into MP3tag.

Hi ohrenkino, thank you for the quick reply, sorry but no.

How did you export the csv file? Did that instruction feature a path?
Does the editor with which you

have a "Recent file" log?
Windows Explorer has a search function ...

There is no default location for csv files, if you had been looking for that.

Clicked on the link that says csv, then this path says E;\mp3tag.csv and it downloaded them

Are we talking about the same program MP3tag?
I do not see a link that says csv.
I cannot really follow you for

and if you have a path - can you find the file there?

  1. I open Mp3tag
    2)I copy and paste the songs in to Mp3tag
    3)Click on File, then Export
    4)Then in the Export Configuration box I click csv
    5)Then its says Display export files now, Yes/No click yes
    6)It then show up in Mp3tag - WordPad.
    I was then editing the titles, had to leave click on saved and now can not find said file

The file got probably created in the folder of the last loaded file.
This path is also mentioned in the message box where you can click

As this all depends only on your local environment, I cannot really say more about it. The rest is up to you.
And as I said: the explorer can also search for files ...

Ok, many thanks for your help. I will have a good look tonight. Have a great day,

You see the path where the CSV will be saved in the dialog box:

In Wordpad (or any other external program) you can choose File -> Save AS (don't click on a existing save icon). With Save As you can choose the target directory, where you want to save your edited file.

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