Recursive Export


I have my music collection sorted like: Genre\Artist\Album\Songs
Given that the "Genre" folders have a lot of artists and albums, it is difficult to open the "genre" folder to select all the files and export that info to, say, a .txt file (takes too long and not always works)
I was wondering if there's a way to open folders recursively (using Mp3Tag functions) in order to select all the tracks and export their tags.
For example, select Genre1\Artist1 by hand and then make a script that selects and exports, goes back to Genre1\Artist2 do the same and append the info, goes back to genre1\artist3 and so on (Basically, something that allows me to move back and forth the folder structure)
I've been browsing the forums but I couldn't figure out whether this is possible or not.


No. This is not possible.


Ooops! Thanks a lot anyways!

Don't worry MP3Tag is and it still will be the best!