Recursive reg exp (maybe?)

I'd like to be able to create a title tag for my audiobooks files as follows: %album% %discnumber%%track%

I know I can do this as a quick action format value if I use the numeric value for the track. But the kicker is that I really want to represent the track number as an equivalent alphabet character. So, pretend that I'm numbering Dune: my title would read Dune 01A for the first track of my audiobook, and then Dune 01B etc.

I'm guessing it would be some kind of recursive loop with 26 if clauses. I'd deal with any incidents over 26 tracks by hand by numbering them Dune 01Za Dune 01Zb, etc. I don't need automated logic for that since there are seldom that many tracks. Or I could put it in myself once I see the code.

Thanks for the help. I keep spinning my wheels on this one.


That was wonderful. Thanks so much.