Redistibution Request of a "portable" MP3tag version

Hi Florian,
I'm Marco Braidotti (NICK: Taf), a Winpenpack project member.
First of all sorry for my poor written english! :frowning:
I tried to contact You by mail (with my registration email address...) but I'd no feedback.
So I try this way...
I'm an Italian guy working on a freeware software collection/suite called WinPenPack.
To have a look in our project, check this link:
for english version click on the union jack at the top/right corner.

I want to know if it'is possible to insert Your excellent piece of software (MP3TAG 2.38) in Our freeware portable software collection.

Our Suite is intended for "PORTABLE SOFTWARE ONLY" (this means the SW can work from a removable USB device without registry entries).
So I tried to make your soffware working in "portable mode" using our x-launcher sw.
After a quick test made by myself and another guy of our staff, we checked this can be possible (without any kind of modifications or reverse engineering on Your creature ;-), only using an external launcher that writes registry entries on the local folder in the pendrive).

But to redistribute it in "portable mode" we need Your written permission.
If You want to have a copy to test and/or see it, I can share my test release with You.
(please ask by mail for a copy, I don't want to put attachmens on this first contact!)

In any case, if you won't permit this kind of redistribution, we stop our testing immediately and we never publish this version on public sites!

BTW, our greetings for your well done job! :sunglasses:

Hi Florian, I received Your feedback by mail.

Ok! as Your request, We DON'T publish Your software in portable mode.
Anyway, many thanks for Your feddback!
And, if You want to have a look of it, I can share our test with You by private mail.