Reducing filename to ASCII


Can anyone suggest how to program an Action to reduce filenames to ASCII, i.e. replacing any international characters with their ASCII base equivalents, such as ñ -> n ? Thanks.

Replace Accents

Please, anyone?


Maybe just use many Replace actions for this.


Thanks. I've made a action group which covers my common ones:

Replace "_FILENAME": "á" -> "a"
Replace "_FILENAME": "é" -> "e"
Replace "_FILENAME": "í" -> "i"
Replace "_FILENAME": "ñ" -> "n"
Replace "_FILENAME": "ó" -> "o"
Replace "_FILENAME": "ú" -> "u"

but to cover all the non-ACSII chars would require hundreds of actions!

How about a function $asciify(string,to)? It would replace all chars outside 32-126 with the unaccented equivalent if any, else with 'to'.

PS Where Mp3tag/help/options_format.html#shorten says "there is a 64 character limit for filenames with the ISO9660 standard", that should read "...with the Joliet standard".