Refresh tags only on selected files.

Hi again:

Is there a way to refresh tags only on selected files?

There are times when I'm working with and filtering against over 100,000 files at one time.

If I have a filter enabled, and have 100 out of 100,000 files showing, I would like to refresh tags on only those 100 files.

I've tried just doing a selection and refresh but mp3tag refreshes the entire folder (rather than just the selected files).

Currently, I can achieve this functionality by starting at the top of the filtered list and holding the "down" arrow key to run through and highlight each file. It would be nice to be able to do this automatically somehow (instead of having to hold the down-arrow key).


~ Rytz

AFAIK does MP3tag keep track of changes. So you see always the uptodate data as long as you modify the files with Mp3tag.
If you modify files in a filtered list it could be that some files do not match the filter criteria any more, yet, MP3tag still shows them. Do you want to get rid of these files in the displayed list?

Then I would press F3 twice to toggle the filter. This then refreshes the list and shows only those files that still match the filter.

Hi ohrenkino:

Thanks for the reply. An example of what I might do is to use an external BPM calculator to set the BPM's on only "filtered" results from MP3TAG (drag and drop from MP3TAG to BPM calculator program).

Once the BPM's have been analyzed, I would like to just refresh the filtered results to ensure they were all calculated (sometimes there are problems).

With the situation of working with large amounts of files, if I change or remove the filter, MP3TAG attempts to refresh the entire list. This is what I'm trying to avoid.

Is there no way to auto refresh only selected files that have been modified outside the program?


You are right, I cannot think of a different way. MP3tag takes a snapshot of the data at the moment of reading.
So if you modify the data with an external program, you have to re-read it.

As I am no friend of loading so many files at one time, I can only suggest something for you to try:
create a playlist of the files you want to modify.
Then modify them with the external program.
Then drag&drop while pressing Ctrl the playlist back into mp3tag. Pressing Ctrl leads to adding the files to the current list instead of replacing the current list.

Great idea, ohrenkino. I will probably do this as a work-around. Thanks again!

press Ctrl+T