Regarding hidden tracks or additional tracks not listed on album

Hello, first post here! A few questions ......Lets say I have an album which has 10 tracks. However, 3 of those tracks are hidden tracks like some CD's have or just additional tracks that you will get on a deluxe version of the album, however after you check amazon for the right tags, you find amazon only has 7 of those tracks, but not the 3 hidden ones. So after re-writing/saving the new tags, you end up with two albums, one with the 7 tracks, the other with just the 3 hidden ones. How can I keep all of these tracks, intact on the same album and not have them show as two ?

Second question- I use also in addition to mp3tag a program called "mp3 folder stucture maker" which in short just makes/renames folders, it also can check for bad tags. Can mp3tag do this so that i can stick with just using one program?

The converter Tag-Filename can create new folder structures if you include backslashes to create folders.


%artist%\%album%$num(%track%,3) _ %title%

Will create (new) folders.

If you want to rename an existing folder create an action of the type "Format tag field" for "%_directory%"
and enter as format string only the path part, not the filename.

As for the album ...
I think that as long as you keep ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM (and YEAR) the same, then this will treated as one album. If automatic tagging leaves out tracks, you would have to add the information manually:
Select all the untagged tracks from that album plus one of the tagged ones.
Go to the tag panel and select from the dropdown lists for ALBUMARTIST, ALBUM, YEAR etc all those entries that should be the same for all tracks.
Then press Ctrl-S to save the changes.

Thanks for the swift response...another question for you....lets say i want to create a new folder, in another location, like for example on my desktop. Will the following syntax be correct?

C:\Users\cmrc\Desktop\\%artist%-%album% '['%year%']'\$num(%track%,2). %title%

Also, I did a lot of trial an error in trying to get the right format string, is there a way to clear out the box back to just the single default string as it seems to save each time you edit?

I cannot see anything illegal - the preview function should also guide you.

You can remove all or individual entries from the input history with the function of the arrow button on the right of the input box. E.g. "Delete from list" will delete the current entry from the list.