(Regex burns my eyes) Regex - Removing chars within titles

I've googled and searched, but the answers and 'how to's' are a bit beyond me.
What i need is a direct answer to a question, not a lesson, please. Code makes me angry, and i just get frustrated trying to figure it out. It's just not my area of understanding. Graphic design and motorcycle restoration are my thing/s, not code.

I want to create an action to remove a specific character from a track title and replace it with nothing. Not a black space, just a lack of space:

"This is the track name" (And some text here in brackets)
This track "and some in quotes"

This is the track name (And some text here in brackets)
This track and some in quotes

Using v2.79

Create and apply a simple "Replace" action (not "Replace with regular expression") for TITLE
Search string: "
Replace string:
(leave empty)

I was just trying this. No joy. Literally did nothing.

It should. Just tried it, works.

So you have to find out what you are looking for: is it really one " or two '' (apostrophes)

You could copy the characters from one of the titles and paste it in the action into the search string.

Oh: you are familiar with executing actions? You have to select the files first and then execute the action.

I SHOULD have seen that. I really should have....

It was “ and ” instead of "

I appreciate the help and patience.