RegEx Help

I'm trying to use this to rename Folders.

The Black Keys - Attack & Release (2008) becomes Black Keys - Attack & Release (2008), The

I could use some help to make it place the ", The" before the " -" instead of the the very end.

You then would probably rename the ARTIST or ALBUMARTIST first, I hope. As fiddling with the filename is hardly ever effective.
And then use the Convert>Tag-Tag function for _directory:
%artist% - %album%

The regular expression could be:
Search: ^The (.) - (.)
Replace: $1, The - $2

I didn't touch the ARTIST or ALBUMARTIST in the tags as I still want them to read with "The" in the front. I just set an Action that runs "Replace with regular expression" with "_DIRECTORY" as the field.

Your suggestion worked flawlessly, thank you.

It could be that you want to write a directory name straight away without first getting the one with "the" in front and then the need to replace it with the moved "the".
If you want to move the files to their correct location, you can use something like:
$regexp(%artist%,'^The (.*)','$1, The') - %album%
This applies to actions of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY or Convert>Tag-Tag for _DIRECTORY.
The $regexp() performs the "Replace with regular expression" while creating the new directory name.