RegEx - How to Replace Two Occurrences of Commas

Hi community!

I have a series of MP3 tags that have separating commas as naming conventions.
So, as an example: DJ One, MC Two, Rapper Three.
How can I change it through RegEx to be DJ One ft. MC Two & Rapper Three where the two commas are replaced by "ft." and "&"?

Thanks for the huge help to everyone here!

OK, I kept looking online for an answer to my situation. I bumped into a line of RegEx code for "first occurrence on Stack Overflow". I replaced whatever character it had to a comma. It looks like this now: ^([^,]*),. However, I couldn't find a way to replace both occurrences at once (at least not yet). So, something tells me to combine that with a Replace Action. Well, it worked :upside_down_face:


As you can see here:

You could try "Replace with regular expression"
Search string: (.*), (.*), (.*)
Replace string: $1 & $2 ft. $3

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Man, thanks a bunch! :pray:t5: Your suggestion actually works 100%

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