$regex? or


Yes. I looked through the regular expression examples and the regular expression tutorial (which was one page... ? still don't know how to make one :huh: )..
The thread on regular expression examples. You guys are doing that thing... thinking! That's it. Sorry I cannot think. I guess.

DATE NAME NAME (e.g. AD20101001 BOB SMITH ... )

I simply need an express to take the date and put it in the date field, 'BOB SMITH' in the BAND field..

If someone granted that info here, I think I could work out the rest... thanks.

Been using Guess Value (Field) until now.

Hi burbly, regular expressions have not been invented for everyone's favour but for general purpose. You have to take into account that Mp3tag provides the usage of regular expressions, but is not a vendor of a regular expression machine. So you can not complain to the manufacturer of the butter, if you do not know how you can use the knife for spreading the butter on the bread.
And there are some other ways to use the Mp3tag scripting language respectively the ready made converter functions to reach your goal.

Now you come in with your special case, which needs further investigation and explanation.
Please explain what meaning have the tree points in your filename example string from above, what are they standing for? Please give a full filename example, because regular expressions sometimes like to see the complete string including both edges.

Supposing the date sting "AD20101001" is always of this ISO-8601 compressed format at the beginning of the filename, then this would be an easy step to fill the DATE tag-field, neglecting the leading string part "AD".

Action: Format value
Field: DATE
Value : $regexp(%_FILENAME%,'^AD(\d\d\d\d)(\d\d)(\d\d)','$1-$2-$3')

Probably you want to write the date value into the tag-field YEAR, so use YEAR as the target field instead of DATE.