RegEx Query

The RegEx thread seems locked, so am posting this query in a new thread, hope this is ok?

Am looking for a regular expression that will take part of the artist name & append it either to the end of or within song title

It is to do with a the featuring list of artists. Currently I have them in the following format

Artist (feat. a, b, c, b & f) – title

They appear after the artist name in brackets beginning with “(feat.” , all are common separated, but the last one has an &

I wish to have a blanket regex to change

From: Artist (feat. a, b, c, b & f) – title
To: Artist – title (feat. a, b, c, b & f)

Also if there is some form of text or information after the title like a remix or something the requirement would be

From: Artist (feat. a, b, c, b & f) – title (oaonv Remix)
To: Artist – title (feat. a, b, c, b & f) (oaonv Remix)

Also , a second query, more to gather thoughts the genre & song names containing Rock & Roll, how do people generally like this to look in the lib's?

Rock and Roll
Rock n Roll
Rock ‘n’ Roll
Rock & Roll etc. etc.

Just curios in terms of the genre as a whole & also songs with it within, like: ‘Oasis – Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’

See this (rather long) thread on the "featuring" problem: /t/11096/1

My opinion on any standardization: it has to be unique in one library. I would not care what others do. You set the standard for your collection and that's it.

If you want to go with the ID3 standard for V1 genres: it is Rock ’n’ Roll.
See this wikipedia page:

Great thanks for this, will have a look through & possibly post too.