regex question

How do you change this:
01_The Beatles - 01_Love Me Do
In this:
The Beatles - Love Me Do

Thanks a lot !!

Two proposals using your example:
$replace('01_The Beatles - 01_Love Me Do','01_',)
$regexp('01_The Beatles - 01_Love Me Do',\d+(.+) - \d+(.+),$1 - $2)


Dear Detlev,
Thanks a lot for the quick respons on my question, but as I am a virgin in this matter I will not arrive to do it well. Perhaps my first question did not go as far enough ? So, as you are an expert, I will repeat it here more clearly OK.
In the Mp3tag browser I see this for example:
05_Gnarls Barkley - Going On.mp3
but in the original filelist (browser) when I open the ID-Tag I see this:
Artist: Gnarls Barkley
Titel: 05_Going On
I tried both of your proposals and both gave this as result:
05_gnarls Barkley - Going On.mp3
What I want is: Gnarls Barkley - Going On.mp3
It would be verry verry nice to help me with this, because I have tons of such files !!
Thanks again !!!

Your request is going to become a bit weird.
So please give us a visual help, some screenshots of what you see.

Where in the Mp3tag grid view column (?) or panel view (?) do you see the literal '05_Gnarls Barkley - Going On.mp3' and why does it look different from your first example ''01_The Beatles - 01_Love Me Do', which includes twice the tracknumber with underline character.
And what do you want to change, the filename or a tagfield?
And how did you try my proposal as you called yourself as 'a virgin in this matter'?
Why did you ask for a Regular Expression, maybe you can reach your target via dialog Converter/Filename-Filename?
Give us an example of what you have tried for yourself so far.


mp3tag.html (2.58 KB)

mp3tag.html (5.21 KB)
For example take Track 11:
I want it like this:
Grantura - In Dreams.mp3
No matter how I must do it, only the result counts !!

mp3tag.html (5.21 KB)

Concerning your answer you want help for creating a Mp3tag export script?


I don't know what you mean by this (export script), but if it can help me ... YES please !

Well, in your last post you have provided a report html file, which displays the output from an export script, which you let run to create the report file. The output looks like if it represents an arranged view of available tagfield contents but maybe not the pure contents of a tagfield itself.

Without knowing your export script internally the only value which can be supposed to be a valid pure contents is the mp3 filename, e. g. '09_Funkerman - Speed Up (Radio Mix).mp3'.

If you want to get rid of the tracknumber in front of the filename you may choose the Converter/Filename-Filename dialog from within Mp3tag. Use following file masks:
Old file mask: %1_%2
New file mask: %2
This will change the filename e. g.
from: 09_Funkerman - Speed Up (Radio Mix).mp3
to: Funkerman - Speed Up (Radio Mix).mp3

If this proposal does not fit your needs, it would be helpful if you are able to print screen a snapshot of the tagfields in Mp3tag grid column view and attach the image file to your next post.
At this time the tagfields real values are lying in the dark. As I mentioned above you have offered two different examples literals and it is not clear where you have seen these literals.

Additionally I will give you the advise to dive in deeper into Mp3tag philosophy and of course read the helpfile (to speak the same Mp3tag language) and try to find out some fitting advise from the bulk of forum messages.


Thanks a lot for trying to help me, when I ever succeed I let you know !!
Greetz from a hot Belgium.