RegEx - Replacing Track-Numbers

Hi out there,
by using regular expressions i'd like to change the track-number field by the following:

1 --> 01
1/10 --> 01/10
01/2 --> 01/02

and so on...

How would a working RegEx look like?

Thx for your help!

It's too fine weather today for such a heavy Regular Expression ... better you use the "Mp3tag Tracknumber Assistent".


Sorry to hijack thread but I was about to post a similar question:
I would like to show track numbers as 101, 102, 103 where the first number, in this case 1, is in fact the discnumber.


I agree about the wheather and the numbering assistant with DetlevD ... :wink:

You can set the starting value of the numbering assistant to anything you like, also to 100.
For the regular expression: please not that while you can renumber several albums with the numbering assistant this cannot be done with regular expressions as there is no way to reset the counter if the album (or folder or whatever) changes.

If you want to have it more universal:

Reformat the field track with
Which assumes that you have set the field discnumber and numbered the tracks correctly (e.g with the numbering assistant).

In general: why do you merge two fields that have been separated by the standard for tags?

Thanks for help!

Just seemed like a good idea as I am going through a minimalist phase at the moment