Regex to match a phrase

what is the regex to search for a phrase or a word? to mach exacly, i mean if a search for moon, i dont per example moonrise?

edit: i guess i solve it?
edit2: nope

$regexp(Moon rise,\bMoon\b,)
leads to "rise"
results in "Moonrise"

How about to match a full phrase and nothing more?

what do you mean? Something that ends with a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark?
$regexp('Some sentence? And another one.','.*?[.!?] (.*)',$1)
leads to
"And another one."
If you want to compare string constants, and not patterns, try $strstr()

i mean that match exactly the pharse when i search.

per example:

%album%= moon in the sky

if i search it gives me "moonrise"
i don't know if i am getting explain, english is not my first language.

so this not really a question for a regexp but how a search engine interprets a string?
Usually you enclose a term that is to be taken as one piece into " or join the individual parts with &

@ohrenkino i dont think so, let me explain better:

1 - I made a web source to only fech author and description bio.
Goodreads#Author image.src (2.3 KB)

2-i search for per example: Moon James Herbert (album and author)

3- the result is: hebert james hall and not moon by james hebert.

4-i put the search text inside the search box: Moon James Herbert, and it gives the correct book/author:

if i search only for the author it is ok., i put in the album name to be more accurate.
So i assume that it needs to get the full album+author exacly.
how can i do that?

I do not write web sources.
And actually, I do not want to dig into the intricacies of the search on that web page to get a closer result.
Yet, if I look at e.g. the discogs script that searches for artist and album, then the search string processing is much more complex than just the simple naming of 2 fields.
Perhaps you compare your input and what the resulting url looks like.
But this is just guess work and I do not think that I can really help you with this.