Regex to remove numbers in the middle

How can I convert this file name
Chris Botti - 05 - The Open Touch
Chris Botti - The Open Touch

You can rewrite the filename with the function Convert>Tag-Filename with the
Format String: %artist% - %title%
provided that the tags are filled.
If they are not filled yet, I would recommend that you retrieve the information from the filename first with the function Convert>Filename-Tag
Format string: %artist% - %track% - %title%

I mean in case tag fields are empty.

Yes. Why do you want to manipulate the filename only and throw away information that could easily be saved in the tags? Any information that you discard is very hard to get back again.
I mean, why do you use a tagging program if you only edit the filename - there are numerous utilties around that help you to rename files. So I would fill the tags first - as described.
Even if you do not want to keep the track number, you can (first) use the function Convert>Filename-Tag, only this time with the
Format String: %artist% - %dummy% - %title%

And if you still want to treat only the filename, I would recommend the function Convert>Filename-Filename
Source: %1 - %2 - %3
Target: %1 - %3

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I use it only for manually selected ones, not the whole collection. Thank you very much for you help.