regex - where and how?


Just installed the MP3Tag after recommandation from a forum post I did in another forum.

I have a "simple" task but cannot seem to crack the nut and get started with this popular tool

I need to change many filenames:

File names are: ddmmyyyy.xls (e.g. 15012010 for 15th Jan 2010)
and I would like: yyyymmdd.xls (e.g. 20100115.xls)

How to do this?

  1. add xls to allowed file types (done)
  2. find nice regex to alter filename: /^(\d{2})(\d{2})(\d{4}).xls$/i
  3. somehow get the Mp3Tag to change filenames from ddmmyyyy.xls to yyyymmdd.xls

Obviously it is #3 that I really would like a quided tour through.

BR. Anders

Before you go any further, have you successfully loaded a xls file in Mp3tag?
Adding an arbitrary extension to the options does not make Mp3tag able to work with this extension.

Ok, thanks. I will look more into the documentation. I am able to choose convert filename->filename and type ind the rules regex to {1}{2} etc. but can only press cancel since the "go" and "Example" buttons are greyed out.

Br. Anders

Ok it seems it is possible to add a custom extension.

Regex is availale from actions:

But also works in Convert with $regexp() function

For Convert > filename - filename:

old mask:
new mask:


I couldn't quite figure it out. Mainly because of a simple basic error:
it is not enough to list files in the windows. One also have to mark/highlight/choose them.

When that was done I could click the "Convert - Quick" and choose "With Regex"

and did:
field: _FILENAME
from: ([0-9]{2})([0-9]{2})([0-9]{4})
to: $3-$2-$1

All files named ddmmyyyy.xls are now yyyy-mm-dd.xls

Thank for the help