RegExp help

Good day.

First off, I'm still a noob at doing regular expressions for this awesome software.

Have already tried searching from this forum, yet I could not find scripts which incorporate all my formatting needs into one (1) single script, if that's possible; so that I could run the Actions command in one-go.

Here's the tag format I would like to follow (chevron "<>" characters are merely delimiters, not part of the final desired format):

<Artist> - <Title> [feat. <Artist1 if available>, <Artist2... if available> & <ArtistN if available>] (<Mix version if available>)

Examples (accepted formats):
"Alex Goot - Photograph"
"Alex Goot - Photograph [feat. Against The Current]"
"Alex Goot - Photograph [feat. Against The Current, Adele & 3T]"
"Alex Goot - Photograph [feat. Against The Current] (Acoustic Version)"

To explain:

  • Lead artist or group should only appear on the Artist tag.
  • Featured artists or member of a duet should be placed on the Title tag right after the name of song title and prefixed with "feat." enclosed in [square brackets]. If other variations of the word "featuring" were found, they should all be automatically converted to "feat." (that is with the period).
  • If tags contain a specific recording version, it should be placed at the end of the song title enclosed in (parenthesis).

Hope I am not asking too much.
Thanks in advance.

More power to Mp3Tag... :slight_smile:

Though you write about tags it seems to me that you intend to build the filename in a special way.
If that is so you have to tell us, what your tags look like.
The recommended workflow in Mp3Tag is alsways to care about tags first and afterwards build the filename out of the correct tags.