regexp trouble

Hello all!

First post here.

I am trying to generate a latex template (tex) that list all artist and album by style with each album cover in a nice PDF file. A catalogue of Album.

My problem is that %_folderpath% return a path such as:
C:\rips\African\Ali Farka Toure - Ali Farka Toure (1989)
Which would normally be perfect, but in order for TEX to do it's work, I need to replace all \ by /
(Because in tex, a \ indicate a command, so it complain that \rips and \african are )

So, I am trying without success to do something like:
{$regexp(%_folderpath%,,/) Where I simply want to replace all \ by / in the folderpath...

What is the regexp to do that?


And when I am done, I will leave my code in the example section if anyone is interested.


Oh Joy! :wink:

I found it myself...


I needed a double . Probably because \ is a special character.

Thanks anyway.

Exactly! :slight_smile: