Regrouping titles into album

I am sure this is a well known problem but I did not find the answer in the forum.

I digitalise existing CD into Flac and I use Groove (on W10) to read them or BlueOS (from my NAS)

For compilations :

  • Sometimes I see all the different titles from different artists under 1 album (as it is physically organised mimitising the physical CD) and this is what I want
  • Sometime every single title appears as being 1 album...

I digitalise the CD the same way, organise them the same way, and - although I had a look at the tags within MP3TAG - I do not understand why I have different results for something that appears the same to me.

Example :slight_smile:

  • wrong case : all songs as a different album monCIO
  • right case : all songs under a single album monCIO

Any help will be much appreciated.


see e.g. this thread:

I made a quick test. Entering "Various Artists" in the "album artist" field seems to solve the problem, at least on Groove Music.

Note that you need to rescan Groove Music Library. I applied the following procedure which worked OK :slight_smile:

  1. Close Groove.
  2. Open the folder: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.ZuneMusic_<random>\LocalState\Database
  3. Delete everything inside this folder.
  4. Open Groove and watch the application magically re-scan the library.