Regular and limited what discnumber?

Hi I just want to ask something again what if the album have regular and limited edition and I choose regular what tags should I put in DISCNUMBER? 1/2? or 1/1?.

Other is how do I tags album with regular and limited edition? It is okay if I add the "Regular Edition" word in ALBUM tags?

thanks have a great day and keep safe :smile:

IMHO the discnumber is needed if you have more than 1 media to carry all the tracks that are summarized in one album. This is needed to not to get confused by two number one tracks on the same album.
In respect to the naming of the albums: how do you know which version it is? I would copy the album name as thoroughly as possible. I assume that a limited edition has the suffix "limited edition" - which would then be part of the album name.
The discnumber then reflects the number of media on which the album is shipped. The discnumber is something absolutely local to that particular album.

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Again: Just do it the way YOU want it, there is no wrong way.

I add only special editions like "Limited Edition" or "Special Christmas Version" or "25 year anniversary version" to the album name. For the 59 versions for this example release I would only add the so called Disambiguation like "(Japan, vinyl replica edition)" or "(2018 remastered reissue)"

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Yeah hahaha thanks for your answer :smile:

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This is very helpful to me thanks for your answers. I am sorry I am just new in tagging the DISCNUMBER tags confused me a lot. thanks again :smile:

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