regular expression: capitalize letter after certain char

Hey guys,

I'm in the process of trying to teach myself regular expressions and I ran into some trouble and can't seem to resolve.

I have an Artist tag of this format:
blah «blah«

I would like to capitalize the first letter of the second blah (which is surrounded by « chars). For example if my tag is VIA «raccoons« I want it to become VIA «Raccoons«

So put simply, I'm trying to reference the first letter that follows the character '«' and capitalize it.

I tried the following regular expression:
Regular expression: »(.?)([\w]+)
Replace with: $caps3($1)$2

So what I (think) the above is saying is: after the '»' character, match any single character (repeat this zero or one times only), then for a second reference match any character. For the replacement, capitalize the first match ($1) and leave the second match untouched. As you can see, this regular expression stuff has got me rather confused, don't even know what's up or down anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance for the help!


Please check if you need » or «

Regular expression: «(.?)(\w+)
Replace with: «$caps3($1)$2


Regular expression: «(\l)
Replace with: «$caps3($1)
[x] case-sensitive comparison

i don't know if it fits all your cases, but for the example above, the following would be less complicated:

Action: Format Value
Formatstring: $caps2(%fieldname%,«)

Please replace FIELDNAME/%fieldname% with the name of the field you are talking about.