regular expression help


I'm worthless when it comes to regular expressions, was hoping someone could help me out.

I'm looking to extract a portion of the full path including filename starting at either \Music\ or \My Music\ and ending prior to the last slash before the actual filename.

Filename Option A - C:\Documents and Settings\Logan\My Documents\My Music\Dance & DJ\DJ Tiësto\Just Be\01 - Forever Today.mp3

Filename Option B
- M:\Music\Dance & DJ\DJ Tiësto\Just Be\01 - Forever Today.mp3

Result - DJ Tiësto\Just Be

A brief explanation of how the expressions does this would be greatly appreciated as well, I'm working on learning how to create my own.


If you use an action Format value with %_parent_directory%\%_directory% is that what you want?


Not neccessarily, if I have a multipe disc album there could be a '\disc 01' in the path.


When you say start at \Music\ wouln't the result have to be Dance & DJ\DJ Tiësto\Just Be ?
And what would be the result from a path with disc number?


Yes, that is the correct result.

If 'Just Be' were a multiple disc album though, it would return Dance & DJ\DJ Tiësto\Just Be\Disc 01


Expression: ^.?(\\Music\\|\\My Music\\)(.)\\[^\\]+$
Replace with: $2


Perfect, thanks!