Regular Expression includes first word of the tag when formatting a value

I'm trying to move the featured artist into the artist tag using Format Value and $regexp.
My current action looks like this:


Format string:
%artist%\\$regexp(%TITLE%, (.*)\(feat\. (.*)\), $2)

but for example on the track "What This Means (feat. Ouse)" by Powfu, it formats the ARTIST tag to Powfu\\What Ouse

Any help would be appreciated, thank you so much!

You have a space character in the regular expression behind the first comma.
$regexp(%TITLE%, (.*)\(feat\. (.*)\), $2)
$regexp(%TITLE%,(.*)\(feat\. (.*)\), $2)

Oh thank you so much.
Now I have a new problem, whenever I'm tagging stuff in bulk, the titles without featuring artists just copy over into the artist tag, do you know of any way I could fix that or should I make another post for that?
Thank you once again.

I would never apply an action "blindly".
In this case I would filter for the files with "feat." in the title:
%title% HAS feat.
and then apply the action.


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