regular expression kills my synced lyrics

hello hello

please, can anyone help?

  1. removing leading/trailling white spaces with regular expressions kills my synced lyrics!
    synced lyrics are in unicode-format and made with the lyrics show panel 3 (foo_uie_lyrics3)
    in foobar2000.

  2. when i try to use more then one field in "quick action" (Replace with regular expression),
    nothing happens. ex: field=ARTIST;ALBUM;TITLE etc..
    i must use _ALL or _TAG. but this kills always my synced lyrics.

what do i wrong?

You could try to export the lyrics first, then apply your regex to _ALL and then re-import the lyrics back. In 1 action group :wink:

What regexp are you using?

puh! thats not the deal i want to go with 1000 of tracks. :unsure:

^\s+ for heading spaces
\s{2,} for those in the middle
\s+$ for trailing spaces

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You could use the $trim() function to get rid of leading and trailing blanks.
The action would be of the type format value instead of replace.

$trim() does not work with _TAG

Change the regex to:
^[ \t]+
[ \t]{2,}
[ \t]+$

If it is still a problem then post an example of the lyrics.

YEP! i works! :w00t: thank you very much indeed for your help, Dano! :rolleyes:

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