regular expression question


for example if i have "%artist% - %title%" or "%track% - %title%" in the title field and i would like to just have %title% in the title field, how can i:

a)use a regular expression to convert it to just "%title%" in the title field. or,

b)use a regular expression to convert title field to display %title% AND also move %artist% or %track% to their fields.

either is fine, but i am just wondering if b ) is possible.

Or is there an easier way.

(I'm a regular at the winamp tech support forums and i always recomend mp3tag for winamp users, but i do not know the answer to this question, so i thought i would ask)


Good question. I usually do it manually (track by track/copy paste). I would also like to know if there is an eaier way. Hopefully Florian or someone else will be able to answer this question.


Use an action which guesses values and type in "%_filename%" as source format and "%artist% - title%" or "%track% - %title%" as format string.

Either use a format value action after doing the above step and use "_FILENAME" as field and "%title%" as format string, or use a regular expression action with "_FILENAME" as field, "(.) - (.)" as RegEx and "$2" as replacement.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:


Sebastian, I don't think that %_filename% is needed there, because he has the values in the title field.

Just use an action Format value for field TITLE with a formatstring like %dummy% - %title%

Just use an action Guess value with %title% as source format and a guessing pattern like %artist% - %title% or %track% - %title%

Best regards,
~ Florian


Oops... I thought he has that info in the file name, sorry.
I shouldn't sit in front of the PC 5 minutes after waking up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Florian and Sebastian for the help. I never knew that there was a string called %dummy%. It just made things much easier.


thanks....that was a lot easier than i had anticipated :smiley: