Regular expression to match # and ##/##


I'm pretty new to MP3Tag. I'm trying to create an action to remove track numbers. I have about 60 or so songs with track numbers, but they are in a variety of formats. The different formats include:


Using track number 1 out of 4 as an example. I need to use the "Replace" command. I have this so far:


If you want to use regular expressions you must choose the action
"Replace with regular expression"

But if you only want to remove the track number, just select the tracks, set the Track value to in the tag panel on the left and hit Save :mt_save:

Or use the action "Remove fields" and enter Track

Or, if you want to "clean up" those track numbers:

Action type: Format value
Field: TRACK
Format string: $fmtNum(%track%)

This will make changes such as

01 => 1
01/12 => 1
1/12 => 1
1 of 12 => 1


It worked! :smiley: Thanks a bunch. :slight_smile:

@JJ Johnson

Ooh, thank you! I'm actually reworking my library to have track numbers (but instead of having to pick out which ones do and don't, I just wanted to wipe them). Off to Auto-Tagging! :smiley: