Regular expressions on Mac vs. requirements for upper and lower cases

Hi All,

I am setting up a topic, as I haven't found anything clarifying my query so far.

There are some .mta packs available for Mp3tag that can be used for the purpose of using common grammar rules for English titles which I think I would find useful to boost my library's shape. However, I have noticed these packs are not working with Mac versions so far, which means there is a need of translating them or there will be such opportunity in next versions if we get lucky.

What I am looking for is a script I could use on my Mac to:

  1. Follow common English titles guidelines: Every word written in capital letter (Apart from exceptions like 'and', 'or', 'the', etc., unless this is the first or the last word in the title).

To cut the long story short, something based on these guidelines: Capitalization of Songs

  1. Follow Polish titles guidelines, where only the first word needs to start from upper case and then all the other are lower case (Don't need to have any exceptions as there are too many of them).

I have found several topics around this, but the most useful answers provided full packs ready for download, which I am afraid is not applicable for Mac version unless someone advise me otherwise.

Looking forward to hearing some tips from you.