Regular Expressions - Owww!

Hi - I've need to do a very simple Find & Replace using regex.

I just want to strip the numbers and whitespace out:

01 Hello
02 Why
03 Can't
04 I
05 Work
06 This
07 Out?

What do I need to type into the find box?

Also, please can you account for the hundreds of backslashes, dots, stars and brackets that I'm sure will be needed...

I know it's really not that difficult, so I reckon if I see one simple query explained, I'll be well on my way!

Thanks, Richard

PS: If anyone is having trouble with slightly more advanced regexes, this site looks to be very useful:
Regex info


^ match at the beginning
\d+ one or more digit
\s+ one or more space/tab

Hi Dano - Sorry for not replying. I thought I had set up an email reminder for this post, and a flaky IDE cable stopped me worrying about my how my MP3s were tagged!

Anyway, I'm gonna give this a go tomorrow, cheers.


That didn't work...

Do I just paste ^\d+\s+ into the 'Original' box, and leave the 'Replace with' box blank?

A normal (non-regex or wildcard) find and replace works, so I know I'm doing it in the right field.


It seems you have chosen the wrong action type, it must be Replace with regular expression

Doh! :flushed:

Thank you - that explains a lot! (One thing it explains is why I didn't think I understood regular expressions at all. It didn't matter what I did, even the simplest regex would fail!)



Cool - that worked 99%.

The full expression didn't work: ^\d+\s+
But this did: \d+\s+
(But I guess I can't use that for a song with digits in the title.)

And then as a test, this worked to remove the first space from a field: ^\s

Any thoughts?


But your post here has the answer! :rolleyes:

Over and out....