Release Date not saving

Hi, folks. I've recently converted a large number of video podcasts to audio files to save space (using Pazera Audio Extractor), and I'm using MP3tag v2.56 to restore the information to the files before putting them back in iTunes.

For some reason, however, the Release Date info (via the RELEASETIME tag) isn't showing up in iTunes for a fair number (not all) of the files. I used a csv file (built from the tags on the original video files) to add the tags , and they're all there when I open them in MP3tag, but for reasons that I can't figure out, they're not showing up in iTunes.

I've tried blanking the field and then typing the release date info back in by hand, but it's still not coming through.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

I managed to figure out (finally and by accident) what was wrong--the RELEASETIME field stores information in DD/MM/YYYY format, and I had it as MM/DD/YYYY, which meant that any field with a date past the 12th wasn't registering.