Release Time Disappearing in iTunes...?

I've set up an action to move Created Date to Release Date in iTunes.

But it seems that Release Date is deleted from the .mp3 file after any update to the file in iTunes?

Anyone got any insight on why this is happening? Release Date stays populated in iTunes, but when I open the .mp3 in MP3Tag, the field is blank???

Whatever iTunes does in its database ... and which information is then written to tags.
The only field with "release" in it is RELEASETIME (and perhaps ORIGYEAR).
There is no field called RELEASEDATE - or it is a user-defined field.
You would have to consult the extended tags dialogue to see if there is something that satisfies you.

My apologies, you are correct. RELEASETIME is the field that I am using.

To confirm, when loading into iTunes, the RELEASETIME field in the .mp3 file is populated. Then, if I make a change to any tag details in iTunes, that RELEASETIME information is removed from the .mp3 file, but still shows in iTunes (but not in MP3Tag).

Anyone with any insight on this? Why would iTunes strip the Releasetime info from an .mp3?

To me it looks like MP3tag is the tagging program and iTunes is the player.
As long as one does not tag with iTunes, everything is fine, I would assume.

And questions concerning iTunes features would, IMHO, be something for iTunes forums.
If files behave strangely, it is always a good idea to

  • check the files for consistency,
  • check the MP3tag settings in respect to which tag versions are treated in which way,
  • see what the extended tags dialogue shows for these files and
  • check which tag versions are already present in a file and which are after treating them with iTunes.

Same situation with Traktor. Loading a track on a deck and the unloading is deleting the releasedate.

They (NI) are going to look into it.

Thanks for the update, SpirosG. And thanks for the link. (I'm Vinyl Tap over at NI).

I use Traktor too, but none of the .mp3s that I DJ with have been added to my Traktor collection since I noticed this RELEASETIME issue.