Hello there, i'm wondering if this is possible to some how transfer this script in mp3tag.

Some previews:

You can put the text content, which you get from "release:txt", into a temporary user defined tag-field.
Then use the Mp3tag functions to split the text into "key=value" pairs in order to format the desired tag-fields. Afterwards remove the temporary tag-field.

The simplest way is to put the entire text content, which you get from "release:txt", e. g. into the tag-field UNSYNCEDLYRICS.

Another way to go could be to use the entire "release:txt" javascript program together with the Mp3tag export feature, that means automatical writing the javascript to export output file and afterwards executing the export script using the Windows Scripting Host.
This could also give the chance to create a user defined and fitting data file for importing data into the files and their tag-fields, managed by the Mp3tag import feature.


Thanks, for the tips, i'm not so good at scripting stuff but i will try...

plz fix!!!!