Release Type

Hi all. I have looked all over the forum and cannot find anything related to a Release Type tag. What I am looking for is somewhere I can populate something like the following:

  • Single
  • Album
  • EP
  • Compilation
  • SpokenWord
  • Interview
  • Audiobook
  • Live
  • Remix

This way I can tag an entire album as an EP or Album, for example. I looked here ( and don't see anything where iTunes will pull this field, but I wanted to see if it's possible to add this to my metadata (for possible future use).


Spoken for ID3v2, when there is no standard frame defined, you can always add your own text information tag field.
Name it RELEASETYPE or RELEASE_TYPE or MEDIATYPE or MEDIA_TYPE or whatever else ...
but do not expect that such ID3 tag fields can be interchanged with other applications, which support other tagging method like iTunesMetadata, which uses a tag field "Media Type (stik)".


I am not sure what you want: remark that iTunes does not display certain fields?
Then please turn to the iTunes forum and ask them.
Or if this is pointless, then perhaps a different player with the ability to show also custom fields would be a better choice (e.g. foobar2000).
Or do you want to create a field that can be filled with the data you mentioned?

To create a new field, open the extended tags dialogue
Press the "New" button next to the fields list.
Enter the name of the field.
Enter the value.
Click OK until all dialogues are closed.

You can store this information in a user-defined field until you find a field in your favourite player. And then you can copy the information from the user-defined field to the displayed one.

A note:
There is already a field for COMPILATION.

And if I look at the list more closely I think that it is a mixture of media (EP, single), genre (e.g. SpokenWord would have the equivalent Speech in the list of genres), contents description (audiobook, interview, album) and track version (Remix, live as opposed to the e.g. album version or radio edit).

This will make it hard to find a field that groups this together as the information is already split across several other fields.