Releasetime tag not compliant?

I've been tagging a lot of music using the discogs plug-in and have been adding release dates to the tags.

I've been using Musicbee application and have been trying to see this info in my library, however it doesn't display when selecting the "release time" tag field.

It seems it only works if you use the "episode date" tag in musicbee, this will get it display the data that mp3tag has written to the file.

Why aren't they showing correctly? I'm using "TDRL" in ID3v2.3

When I inspect the tags (written with mp3tag) with musicbee it shows:

When setting Musicbee to view the tag as 'episode date' why does it also show the time in the tag even though mp3tag didn't write that?

When I then write a RELEASETIME tag in Musicbee then view extended tag info in mp3tag, it just shows the field TDRL and doesn't interpret it's name correctly?

The only way I can seem to get this working is "ORIGYEAR" (TORY TDOR ) but all my tracks - through using mp3tag releasetime saved?

Ultimately why doesn't mp3tag seem to be writing RELEASETIME correctly? Or if it does, why can't other apps correctly read this info (even when set to correctly do so)?

I think that RELEASETIME has the format
If you leave out data then it is not correct.

That's useful to know, thank you. What field would be best to save release date to?

And what field is best practise to ensure that it's the actual date even if releases are re-released and remastered?

Nonetheless, saving the tags in mp3tag and then viewing in musicbee - for example - and other way around doesn't share same results?

Releasetime is the only (standard) field that allows more than just the year. The DATE field is not supported very often.
As long as you enter the complete data incl. some kind of dummy time, any program that can read RELEASETIME should be fine.
If you enter non-standard data, you are left with the error routines of the respective program. And these may vary.

I still don't think mp3tag is correctly saving the releasetime tag to it's proper id3v2.3/4 name (TDRL). When viewig the tag in musicbee, it's reported as "episode date".

When I delete that part of the tag and write a new "RELEASETIME" within musicbee and then inspec the tag within mp3tag, it doesn't show as 'releasetime' and just sees it "TDRL"?

Am I missing something or are one of the two not conforming to the standard?

I can only repeat: As long as you don't write the complete RELEASETIME in its full beauty which includes year, month, day, the letter T and then hour, minute, second you are left with the error handling abilities of each program.
If you do not know the hours, then write a dummy time.
Calling a field TDRL does not necessarily write to the correct atom but much more likely to a user-defined field called TDRL.

Just curious ... which ID3v2.x version do you apply in which application?
??? ID3v2.3 or ID3v2.4 ???

The frame TDRL is defined in ID3v2.4 to hold the Release Date Time, ...
as ISO 8601 datetime string, which can be formatted for the precision as needed.

In ID3v2.3 there are two frames defined to hold Year (TYER) "YYYY" and Date (TDAT) "MMDD".

You have to make sure, which tagging standard you want to follow and want to apply.
And have a look into "Mp3tag/Options/Tags/Mapping", whether there probably exist a special mapping
regarding RELEASETIME.
As I understand Mp3tag it does automatically map RELEASETIME to frame TYER and frame TDAT, when writing to ID3v2.3 tag.


Ok, I think I can now understand.

I guess I've configured my discogs script (a little) incorrectly since I mapped release date of tracks to RELEASETIME. Based on the kind information you have offered, because the dates from those tags haven't been correctly populated - according to the standard of TDRL - then I'm seeing the aforementioned issues.

What would you advise I map the discogs release date fields to e.g. TDOR (Original Release Date)?

What is the best practice field to set these to? What is the best field to use then for re-releases and remastering - as opposted to original release date?

Thank you. ohrenkino :slight_smile:

You are welcome.

To be honest: I have no idea. As hardly any player shows the more sophisticated fields the thorough documentation of a track's history is a more academical hobby anyway. The discogs approach to use a user-defined field is an indication that there is no standard and therefore no best practice.
Even the use of ORIGYEAR (e.g. for Samplers where the sampler has a release year and the individual tracks have others) will stretch most players to the limit.
So think of something for your collection and then keep it consistent for all the tracks.

Would you (or anyone else reading) know what would be the best field to use for Traktor?

My main goal is to have all my tracks with a release date amongst them so when browsing my collection in Traktor I can see the release date.

I guess it'd be original release date? I want the format YYYY-MM-DD.