Remarks and Include statement in an Export .mte

Hello people,

I would like to add some remarks in the form of to my .mte files.
Additionally I would like to use an HTML 'include' line as well, these are enclosed in

as well.

This does not seem to be acceptable.

Seth REEDER, Burgundy, France.

Please use an accent grave to markup special code.

You can add remarks with the statement $puts() which puts a content silently into a variable. If you do not use that variable for anything else, then you have your remark.
Please note that the layout of the mte files also determines the layout of the output. You may get empty lines with such a remark.

I don't know what you want to do with an include. As long as it is just a link to another file - fine as this will be interpreted by the browser afterwards. Includes won't work if MP3tag has to interpret them.

Thanks for the tip about REMARKS ohrenkino. I'll try it.

The reason for the HTML #include is that I have a series of pages that use the #include to add a HEADER, MENU and FOOTER to my web pages. So I only have to change things once to affect evry page.

Seth. /0^0\