remember toolbar position



I suggest that Mp3tag could remember the last position of its toolbar. This could be useful for all users with widescreen monitors. At present, when Mp3tag opens, the toolbar is aligned to the left edge of the screen, which makes its buttons a little too far away to reach. Even though the toolbar itself can be moved to a desired position (I usually put it in the centre of the screen, just above my most commonly used tag columns), the position resets each time on program close, thus the toolbar needs to be shifted again and again. Nowadays, many programs, e.g. all MS Office, have their control butons either centred by default or their position is adjustable and the program remembers it, so I believe many users other than myself intuitively try shifting toolbars and would welcome this feature.

I tried looking for this topic in other threads, but did not find it. If I missed it and the feature has been either rejected or is already in the making, my apologies :rolleyes: