Remembering sort order

I have one small suggestion

If the user have some files loaded into Mp3tag and sorted them by for example FILENAME, then if the user overloads them with some other files, that sort method is no more; and so the user has to click once [or two] more times, to have the sorting by FILENAME in place

And this is simply annoying and work process disrupting

Or maybe it's a bug?

What do you mean by "overloading"?
When I use the function "Change folder", the sorting column stays the same and this also applies to d&d from the explorer.

Maybe the word I should have used was not "overloading" but "overwritten" or "replaced"

This is what I do:

I load some playlist -> I click column with FILENAME -> I have arragment to my likening

Then I switch to Windows Explorer -> select folder -> drag it over Mp3tag -> release -> new files get loaded -> I have to once again click the FILENAME column to get them sorted out the way the previous ones were

That's what I mean

If you load a playlist, then the order stays (until futher action) as it was in the playlist - like that you can re-save the playlist without having to rearrange it again.
If you load complete folders and subfolders, then the files get arranged according to the sorting criteria.

So I wish, after loading new folders / files, the sorting criteria [sort order] would stay the same. Now, I have to re-click them every time

Or can I set some sorting criteria to be the default sort order? [I would choose FILENAME]

I am still not sure what you are expecting.
If you open a folder and load all the files and/or subfolders, then the contained files are sorted by the last sorting criterion.

If you d&d files, new files get added to the bottom of the already existing list.

If you open a playlist, you get the order of the playlist.

If you add files or folders, then these are added at the bottom of the list.

So I am not quite clear about your workflow.

Not in my Mp3tag

If folder A, containing some files, is loaded and then the column with FILENAME is clicked, then all files from folder A are presented in alphabetical order

But if after that folder B is loaded, containing subfolders C and D with files, then the alphabetical list presents first files from C and then from D [one after another, resulting in two alphabetical lists]; so I have toclick FILENAME column again, to get all files [from C and D altogether] in one alphabetical order

Only if you do it with CTRL

And 99% of the time that's not what I need

I don't really use them

I only have one playlist pinned to the icons of Winamp and Mp3tag on a taskbar

P:\Newthat by the extension of two clicks loads up all of my music to this two software

Only if you do it with CTRL? [I'm not sure not sure how this is suppose to be different from the first one]

That is strange.
I tried that with folder a.
I have filenames that would sort the files in the order of the album. So I reversed the order, that the last file is at the top of the list.
I then clicked on the folder-symbol with a green tick on it an selected a folder with subfolders in it.
All files showed the reverse order.
I checked the indicator on the column: yes, it was still on the filename column.
This is just like I expected.

Which brings me to a point: what does your column definition look like? Have you (accidently) ticked "numerical"? Because if I load or add other files when this is ticked, I find indeed that the sorting order is not kept (as usually whole filenames are not numerical).

How should it be defined?

My FILENAME column has this values:

Value %_filename_ext%
Field %_filename_ext%
Sort by %_filename%

I changed them all to

%_filename_ext%at there was to change in behavior

I changed them all to

%_filename%at there was to change in behavior

And the numeric box is unchecked

But I've also noticed this:

  • if I select sub-folder C and D and drag them onto Mp3tg, the order stays the same
  • if I select folder A [with sub-folders C and D], and drag them onto Mp3tg, the order stays the same
  • if I load that one playlist [that I use every day couple of times], the order is not retained
  • the three above behaviors are also truth for other tag fields

So the problem is with this "playlist" of mine; which is not a playlist really, but just a list of folders

QUOTE (zerow @ Sep 11 2015, 15:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

"Upgrading" it to

P:\New\didn't help

Maybe you need some kind of magic?
Check it out ...
Sort By: $left(%_folderpath%$repeat($char(32),256),256)%_filename_ext%


This makes as permanent the exact sorting order I'm trying to avoid: this shows alphabetical list of file names grouped by folders; so there are many alphabetical list within the overall list of files

And what I need is to have always one alphabetical list, for all files [no matter how or how many times loaded or reloaded]

If you look at my post #6 you see the description of this behaviour which much more feature than a bug:

If you load a playlist into MP3tag the order should stay as found in the play list as some people take to some length to get one particular order in a playlist - usually not an alphabetical one.

So if you insist on alphabetical order, do not use playlist as they will always lead to a user-defined order.

Hmm ... if you load files via playlist, for example, ...
in such an indiscriminately way, like your example shows, ...
in fact ... only by naming the parent folders of the files ...
it could be, ...
that the files will be loaded into Mp3tag in such a sequence ...
as they have been formerly stored physically onto the disk, into the specific folder, ...
that means, stored in a possibly unsorted order, as the file system has received the files.
If so, then you have to do the additional step, to sort the loaded files manually as you need it.


That is logical

But my "playlist" doesn't list any files, but just two folders; which have hundreds of subfolders, which in turn produce hundreds of alphabetical lists. Because Mp3tag just loads up one sub-folder after another, beginning with "2 Live Crew" and ending with "Zoot Woman", and then arranges them in separate alphabetical lists. But if I would go to those folders in Explorer, select manually at the same time subfolders "2 Live Crew" and "Zoot Woman", then [after loading them up] I would get all files from them in one alphabetical list

And that is kind off illogical: why [un]listed [sub]folders are loaded different when they are selected manually? This clearly shows, there is an instruction for that particular behavior, which differentiates between the two cases

Now I know that

And so my time saving "playlist" pinned to a taskbar will always require from me additional one or two clicks. Unless the default behavior gets changed or becomes a definable option?

Whose default behaviour? No, just kidding.
I doubt that a configurable option really improves the usability: you can never be sure if you see the sequence of the playlist or the sorted order. So you have to go to the options dialogue and check.
CHecking requires definitely more clicks than the 2 for getting the alphabetic order.