Remix artists - how to copy a remix artist to the ARTIST tag


Ive recently discovered the meaning of "\\" in the ARTIST tag, and would like to make further changes:

with mp3s like:
XY (YX Remix) - ARTIST
XY (YX Remix) - ARTIST\\YX

I tried $trim, replace with regualr Expression and played around.. but either there are Errors with '(' or it simply doesnt pick up the Remix Artist.

Thank you for this awesome, but sometimes hard to learn Programm! And for your Response:slight_smile:

How would you proceed?

see e.g. here:

thank you, but it didnt work. could someone help me? maybe the way would be: search "remix" then copy the string between "(" and "remix" to artist with a leading "\" but no clue how to do this..

That could be.
But as you do not tell us what you tried, it is very difficult to help you.... the link I supplied shows how to move contents in brackets to another field. So why didn't it work?

Well for example this:

and it changes nothing..

I am just not used to scripts.. another strategy would be to search the bracets including "remix", then trimming from left and right. would you help me with that?

To get from

Create an action group with the following actions:

Create an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %title%
Target: %dummy% (%myartist% Remix)
(this action is case sensitive)

Create the next action of the type "Format value"
Format string: %artist%\\%myartist%

Create the last action (once you found that everything is fine with the data)
Remove fields: MYARTIST