Remixer Field Tags From Serato

Hi Everyone, Hope somone can please help.

I use Serato for Dj'ing and I use the fields called Comments and Remixer to add notes. I can see the comments field in MP3 Tag but not the remixer field. Can someone pls advise how I can display this please?

Many Thanks

Check the extended tags dialogue to see the name of the field (Press Alt-T).
Then add a field with that name in the tag panel or as column in the files list.

Hi, Thanks for the response and one for the future, however managed to find it under mix artist in add columns options. Obviosuly Serato using that.

Just one other thing, in terms of the files, I take it you can only copy and move the actual file from within the software and delete just deletes it from the Tag list not the actual file?


If you want to delete a file from the file system, press Ctrl-Delete.

Cheers Mate... Awesome product. Really dont understand why its free


You are free to donate :wink:

Me either. That's why I donate/pay for it.

Worth every $.

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